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  • By Omogbolahan Babs

It is a popular cliché that one good turn deserves another. The aphorism in the context of this piece is better phrased as ‘one good term deserves another’. That succinctly describes the candidacy of Senator Sani Musa (313) of the Niger East Senatorial District. Aside being a man who is very down to earth in his private and business life, he has hitherto equally proven to be a man with the Midas touch in terms of democratic deliverables. Without sounding rodomontade or highfalutin, the Niger East Senatorial District since the return of the country to democratic ethos has never had it this good. His quality representation at the Red Chamber – the Senate House of the Federal Republic has been second to none in the entire political annals of the ‘Power of the Nation’ State. The Chairman, Senate Services Committee on has left no one in doubt as to his capacity for leadership acumen and accountability. A result-driven personage who is passionate about a working society built on communalism, unity of purpose and altruism.

From his quality of contributions on various national issues on the floor of the Senate to his precision on delivering on several legislative assignments/duties; from his eye-on-the-ball approach to communal development in his constituency to his large-heartedness to the country’s populace at large irrespective of people’s ethnoreligious background, Senator Musa has shown a leader extraordinaire that he is. His breed is very rare in the art of governance in recent years in Nigeria. A benison of a personality whose simplicity is unequalled and unparalleled. With or without the Federal Government’s provision for constituency projects, Senator Musa has always shown a man who’s people-centric. He sees his mandate as a call to serve his Creator and humanity. The records are overtly there for all to prove this assertion. Here is a man who never waits for government before making visible impacts in the society. He believes life is good when everybody feels helped and blessed.

In spite of being a first timer at the Red Chamber, Senator Musa’s strides have dwarfed many of his predecessors in similar role in close to 2 decades of our democracy. He has been able to prove wrong, without mincing words, naysayers and misanthropes. Those who felt he was a tyro or a greenhorn in the upper chamber to understand the nitty-gritty of such enormous office and its demands. But as a shrewd and astute businessman with remarkable and modicum experience, he has been able to prove his mettle in such a record time. The number of projects Senator Musa had executed in his Niger East Senatorial District alone in less than four (4) years is more than what some State Governors on two-term tenure have done combined! The suave, debonair and unassuming man with candour has lived up to the oath he took in 2019 as a Senator to represent the good people of Niger East Senatorial District. Among his signature projects include but are not limited to the following;


✔️ Construction of Youth Development Centre, Kuta, Niger State.

✔️ Construction of six (6) blocks of classroom with furnished offices and toilet facilities in Suleja, Shiroro, Munya, Paikoro and Rafi Local Government Councils.

✔️ Construction of state-of-the-art Primary Health Care centre, Zabeyidna, Niger State.

✔️ Construction, equipping and furnishing of ICT Resource Centre at Paiko.

✔️ Construction of 3-km Bassego road with ring culverts.

✔️ Control of erosion in Gwam and construction of box culvert in Shampapi, Paikoro Local Government Area.

✔️ Construction of rural feeder road and erosion control at Madaka community, Rafi Local Government Area.

✔️ Renovation of three blocks of classrooms each in Paikoro, Tafa, Bosso and Suleja Local Government Areas.

✔️ Completion of Tatiko Art and Poetry Centre.


✔️ Provision of medical equipment which include mattresses, beds, drugs, bedspreads, syringes and other related items in the nine (9) Local Government Areas under his stewardship.


✔️ Training of youths on skill acquisition acrros the nine (9) Local Government Areas under his constituency

✔️ Distribution of empowerment materials such as motorcycles, grinding machines, sewing machines, and food processing machines among women and youths across nine (9) Local Government Areas.


✔️ Facilitation of the construction of more than 40 motorised solar boreholes within the nine (9) Local Government Areas.

✔️ Facilitation of provision of four (4) 500KVA transformers to Shiroro, Rafi, Chanchaga and Paikoro Local Government Areas.

✔️ Solar electrification projects of Wabe/Gwam, Paikoro Local Government Area.


✔️ Provision of fertilizers to farmers across the nine (9) Local Government Areas under his watch.

✔️ Distribution of relief materials such as blankets, cement, zinc, nails, mattresses and food stuff to flood victims in Suleja, Munya and Shiroro Local Government Areas.

✔️ Provision of relief materials to victims of armed banditry around Rafi, Shiroro, Munya and Paikoro Local Government Areas.

Like I said stated earlier, his landmarks are too numerous to list and such has continued unabated. Above is aside his efforts at helping undergraduates from Niger State secure ample employment in various Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). As of today, over 900 students are on his education scholarship while over 600 persons in his senatorial district are under his paid employment. He has to his credit as a first timer at the hallowed chamber over 14 bills he sponsored prominent among which was Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill. Some of them having scaled second and third reading while some are awaiting public hearing. To him, politics is more of service to humanity than self-service. He stands today in the National Assembly and Niger State as a whole as one of the most-talked-about political enigmas.

Senator Sani Musa (313 as he is fondly called) is a man who achieve greatness and equally have greatness thrust upon his shoulder like the Shakespearian axiom – ‘Some are born great. Some achieve greatness while some have greatness thrust upon them.’ Over the years, he has worked in his private business life to achieve greatness. And in no time, by dint of hardwork, he achieved greatness. Now, in the service of the nation through people, he has greatness thrust upon him by his selfless, altruistic and people-oriented kind of political credo. The 2023 poll presents a man, a colossus, a giant and a leviathan with indescribable humane disposition, unmatched leadership deliverables and uncommon camaraderie for the less privileged to consolidate on his stewardship for the people of Niger East Senatorial District. Hopefully, in no distant time, he shall be called upon for a more gargantuan task of nation building.

Omogbolahan L.A. BABAWALE
Lead Resource Person
The Think-tank Initiative
Wuse, Abuja

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