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Dr Tunji Abayomi speaks:


I think we need to be fair to this man who wants to be President. We should, i think avoid counting only his sins as if he has no good in him. A man who can transform Lagos from projections in millions to projections in billions certainly has much he can offer Nigeria. People raise issues about his education but never said he wasn’t educated. Of the past Presidents how many have University degrees or the apparent enlightened disposition we see in Bola Tinubu. They speak of his place of birth, but people come from Sudan, Mali, Sierra Leon , Brazil, Cameroon and become Lagosians. And even if he wasn’t born in Lagos what other birth does he need than his adoption as child, servant and prominent leader by Lagos and Lagosians. Then they speak about his wealth. If he can, through intuitive leadership make Lagos wealthy should we expect him to be any less wealthy or prosperous?. I think we need to focus on the values in a man that may transform our depressing, uncertain present and future who seeks to be President instead of hitting the past with a disturbing hammer. A holy man may just not be a great President in a clearly poluted world. Let us reflect deeply.

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