You are currently viewing #LagosFilmCity : Pioneering Project Launches in Ejinrin, Epe Lagos with the Groundbreaking of the Lagos Film City

#LagosFilmCity : Pioneering Project Launches in Ejinrin, Epe Lagos with the Groundbreaking of the Lagos Film City

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Lagos State Government, led by the visionary Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, will be conducting the ceremonial groundbreaking of the Lagos Film City in Ejinrin, Epe Lagos. Envisioned as a one-stop destination, Lagos Film City will house a bustling film, entertainment, and production ecosystem. With its advanced sound stages, leading-edge post-production facilities, intricately designed movie sets, educational institutions, and a modern theme park, this project aims to be transformative. It hopes to empower talent development, facilitate collaboration, and connect the world through the arts, bringing about opportunities and economic advancement nationwide.

The Lagos Film City on Lagos State initiative promises to connect everyone through entertainment and artistic expression. Beyond celebrating creativity, it’s poised to boost Lagos’ economy significantly. The unique ability of entertainment and arts to connect diverse groups is unmatched, and we’re confident this endeavor will position Lagos at the heart of worldwide entertainment. Working side-by-side with the Lagos State Government will be Storyland Studios Los Angeles and the Del-York Group.

“The Lagos Film City isn’t just a beacon for the entertainment world; it’s an economic lighthouse for myriad industries. As this city thrives, we’ll see ripple effects strengthening everything from transportation infrastructure and energy to tourism, hospitality, and education. Every sector stands to gain, every industry has a role to play, and together, we’ll witness an economic renaissance anchored in creativity and collaboration,” stated Mr. Linus Idahosa of the Del York Group.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s leadership is propelling Lagos into a bright future. His unwavering commitment and vision position Lagos as a prospective global economic and entertainment powerhouse. His dedication to the arts and entertainment is clear in his actions and visions for the people of Lagos. Lagos Film City is testament to his belief in the potential of arts and entertainment to shape the city’s destiny. This groundbreaking project, a nexus where academia and industry will intersect, occupies 100 hectares in the serene old town of Ejinrin in the Epe Local Government Area. Ejinrin, steeped in history, once housed Nigeria’s first commercial seaport and post office.

The soon-to-be-established entertainment ecosystem is poised to become a global center for creativity, innovation, and cultural significance. With Africa’s rich cultural tapestry and untapped narratives, there has always been a need for a platform to showcase its cinematic brilliance. Lagos Film City aims to be that platform. The combined efforts of Del-York University, Kebulania’s Studio City, and Kebulania Theme Park go beyond physical infrastructures; they represent a hub for a dynamic creative community. This initiative is set to bolster both local and international talents and invigorate economic growth in the region.

It is estimated that Lagos Film City will create over 10,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, presenting vast possibilities for both the creative and tech sectors. This center will tap into Africa’s creative reservoir, introduce a new filmmaking chapter in Nollywood and provide an environment conducive to local and international investors.

Lagos Film City is a beacon of hope, not only for Lagos and Nigeria but for the broader African cinema and entertainment sectors. It symbolizes a new dawn, with the global community rallying around its inception. In partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and under the leadership of Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka, Commissioner, the project has greatly benefited from the guidance and expertise of its adept leadership team. Tourism, arts, and culture play a pivotal role in the essence of this project, emphasizing its significance to the vibrant tapestry of Lagos.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has, over the years, established itself as an economic titan. Recent statistics have highlighted the massive contribution of the industry to Nigeria’s GDP, with Nollywood alone generating over $590 million annually. Lagos, as the epicenter of this industry, contributes a significant portion of this figure. Furthermore, the entertainment sector has created millions of jobs in Lagos, fostering an environment where ancillary industries, including hospitality, tourism, and transportation, have flourished. The proliferation of cinema screens, music studios, and live entertainment venues has positioned Lagos as a mecca for entertainment in West Africa. As we look ahead, with projects such as the Lagos Film City, it is anticipated that these numbers will experience exponential growth, further solidifying Nigeria’s position on the global entertainment map.

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