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Let’s Live Responsibly, SNR Panel Urges Nigerians

Panelists on the 63rd Independence anniversary special edition of “Weekend Nigeria” on Spirit of Nigeria Radio have urged Nigerians to live responsibly as a critical next step in the nation’s journey to development.

The panel made up of Kelechi Nwosu, Past President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, Mojo Obadina, a London based accountant and lecturer, Daniel Anazia, Senior Correspondent, Naija Times, Enitan Oteju Ibironke, Lawyer and Safe Migration Advocate, and Kenny Adenugba, a culture exponent and communications professional, reviewed developments in Nigeria since independence under the theme “ Nigeria at 63: Any Cause for Cheer” during the Nigeria This Week segment of the Saturday weekly radio programme.

Advocating for a nation of consequences where the rule of law prevails, the consensus of the team of professionals was that Nigeria’s leadership and followership need to live responsibly for Nigeria to emerge as a great nation.

Kelechi Nwosu, marketing communications practitioner posited that 63 years down the road, there were bright spots and positive milestones in Nigeria’s history, advocating more deliberate and intentional strategic solutions to our nations challenges for more positive outcomes as witnessed in the creative and information technology sectors, albeit accidentally.

On her part, London based Mojo Obadina, who expressed interest in returning to the country, voiced her disappointment that as a 63 year old independent nation, Nigeria ought to have been higher on the ladder of development given the huge potentials she possesses. She desires reduced levels of corruption, and nepotism from public and civil servants to improve the nation’s ease of doing business. Daniel Anazia, a journalist expressed optimism that Nigeria can still be great if the leaders and the led live responsibly by focusing on the common good of all, reiterating the fact that development is witnessed faster in nations where the rule of law prevails.

Lawyer and safe migration advocate, Enitan Ibironke declared that while the historical antecedents and developmental trajectory of Nigeria was not encouraging, the future is bright. She admonished the current government to seize the opportunity to redefine governance, emphasising that government officials must lead by example in the calls for sacrifice from the citizens. Kenny Adenugba, in his contributions surmised that the future of Nigeria is in the hands of all citizens who as a collective need to appreciate that individual contributions in their own world will go a long way in affecting the bigger picture of growth and development for Nigeria.

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