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By Moshood A. Abiola

No task is as Herculean as the governing of a multi – ethnic cosmopolitan Lagos. Though being the smallest State in Nigeria, Lagos state is the most populated state that is still welcoming people from all walks of life. Lagos state offers an environment that gives the small, micro, medium and industries thrive. For a state exalted to have Great leaders since 1999. Although the contributions and the plans of Pa Lateef Jakande cannot be undervalued. But the unique and gigantic efforts of Asiwaju to lay a developmental plan for Lagos, which made work easier for the successive administrators of Lagos state. Babatunde Raji Fashola took leadership to a higher ground with discipline and clarity of purpose. His tenacious efforts birthed a new Lagos with the Eko ò ní bàjẹ́ Mantra. Lagosians thought they’ have seen it all, until an Action – Oriented Babajide Sanwo-Olu got sworn in as the Governor of Lagos State. As someone, that worked and learned in the private sector before joining the public office, Sanwo-Olu took leadership and governance in Lagos to fertile land with his confidence, collaborative ability and compassionate leadership. I am sure the Lagoon gods of Lagos blessed this charismatic leader for bringing ease to Lagos state. Lagos has been experiencing tranquility since the inception of Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration. It is only when there’s peace that development can be well driven in a populated state like Lagos. Sanwo-olu awakened the hustling spirit of Lagosians by putting the state first in all his affairs as governor. Despite the unfortunate insurrection Lagos state experienced, Sanwó-Olú as a leader rich in Crisis management and Risk management skills, devised his empathetic leadership where needed and Our dear state is now back to its thriving status. Now is the time for Lagos to speak with their votes again, we all know the Carcass of an Elephant is not a load for the back of an infant, the behemothic and progressive governance of Lagos can only be continued by a man that has planted the seed of prosperity in Lagos. It is time to reap the fruits of dividends of democracy by voting Babajide Sanwo-Olu for second term as Lagos state Governor. A greater Lagos is rising with the unique and midas touch of Sanwo-Olu’s governance.


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