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Tokunbo Wahab blows hot, Ministry to take continued action on environmental offenders

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… Promises collaborative effort and engagements

My office has been inundated with numerous environmental complaints from concerned residents across the State. These grievances primarily pertain to various pressing issues such as flooding, noise pollution, obstruction of walkways by traders, and many others.

As a ministry, we continue to act swiftly upon receiving these vital complaints, and we are fully committed to responding promptly and decisively to restore law and order across the state. As the custodians of the state’s environmental well-being, we acknowledge the significance of addressing these concerns with utmost urgency.

Flooding, noise pollution, and the unlawful blockage of walkways represent critical challenges that impact the lives and livelihoods of our citizens. Therefore, the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources is diligently organizing and implementing a comprehensive action plan to tackle these issues head-on.

This proactive response will involve collaborative efforts among various departments within the Ministry, in conjunction with relevant authorities, to ensure the effective resolution of these environmental challenges. Additionally, public awareness campaigns and stakeholder engagements will be conducted to foster community involvement and adherence to environmental regulations.

The Ministry urges all residents and stakeholders to join hands in this collective endeavour to maintain a clean, safe, and sustainable environment for everyone in Lagos State. Together, we can mitigate these environmental issues and restore the serenity and orderliness of our communities.

It’s a Greater Lagos rising and all of us are involved.

CleanerLagos #GreenerLagos

  • Tokunbo Wahab, Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Lagos State

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