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You can despise the Lion for its mane, you can also loathe the cheetah for its speed fame, but you can not deny the Lion its roaring right, you cannot deprive the lion his right of being the King of the jungle, neither can you snatch the running talent of the Cheetah from him.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, if you were a woman, if I didn’t marry you for your Unmatched Political Sagacity, I would definitely bribe you and marry you for your pathfinder spirit. From the day you were born, you have shown the world, what leadership entails. In Yoruba pantheon, Ogun the God of Iron is the Pathfinder for the gods, it was Ogun that used his powerful cutlass to make way for the other gods into the earth, Bola Tinubu, just as Ogun met the Earth in its wilderness, you met Lagos State in a state of grim, and you used the Intelligence of biblical King Solomon to put Lagos State on the path of Greatness. You are our own god of greatness in this political generation. We cannot snatch the Glory of Baba kekere (Late Lateef Jakande) from him, also we cannot overturn the Federal Capital Territory history from Lagos, but what was Lagos IGR before Bola Ahmed Tinubu time? What was the position of Lagos in African Economy before the administration of Asiwaju?

LAGOS was defined with “Molue”, a crowded Oshodi with no traffic plans, A city with smelly canals with no beautification plans. Sagacious Bola Tinubu as a young, witty, and CAN-DO Governor turned around the Destiny of Lagos State IGR, from 600million to 8billion naira, Tinubu turned around the transportation fate of Lagos from “yellow molue buses” to BRT. Bola Ahmed Tinubu as if the turn around isn’t enough went further to rid Lagos state civil service of corruption by digitizing the state of of affairs and improving the lives of the civil servants. Wondered why the FG got envious and forced to adopt same methods Bola Tinubu used to place Lagos State Civil service in the right direction of growth?

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is insatiable with Lagos state development, and he knew 8 years isn’t enough to transform a complex state like Lagos. What did smart Bola Tinubu do? He created a development plan, which will give successive administrations a clearer picture of what Lagos should be. This shows Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu isn’t a selfish administrator, he is a leader that wants his successors to succeed because its only when your successor succeeds that you can be called a successful leader.

Bola Tinubu used his pathfinder destiny to pave way for boys, who are now men in their respective capacities. What offense would you say a gentle soft spoken and witty Bola Tinubu has committed by desiring to become Nigeria’s president in order to Create a NEW PATH OF ECONOMIC STABILITY, MASSIVE EMPLOYMENT THROUGH PRODUCTION and infrastructure based economy.

Our can do spirit in Nigeria is going to the gallows, BOLA TINUBU Shall awaken it as Nigeria’s president. Bola Tinubu is a man that doesn’t accept impossibilities, if he can turn Lagos to the largest economy in Nigeria and Fifth in Africa, he can turn Nigeria to the economic, peaceful paradise of our dreams.

Bola Tinubu has created a Path of Greatness, don’t let us lose this path because of Hatred, unwitty envy and crass ignorance.

A Vote for Asiwaju is a vote for a new path of Greatness in Nigeria.




By Moshood A. Abiola

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