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At 70, Tinubu celebrates Bishop Matthew Kukah’s devotion to public good

All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has sent a special goodwill message to Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah on the occasion of his 70th birthday celebration.

Tinubu in a letter he personally signed and addressed to the prominent clergy acknowledged the contributions of the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese to national development and progress in the over four decades of pastoral work.

In the letter, the APC National Leader also noted Bishop Kukah’s sense of devotion, duty and compassion as a voice of conscience in Nigeria, adding that the nation owes him a debt of gratitude for his many years of service.

“My Lord Bishop, your life has been one of devotion and duty to God and humanity. As such, your life speaks of humility and compassion.
“The influence and respect that is yours goes beyond the Catholic Church and even your position as the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese. You are a voice of conscience in and for all Nigeria
“For over four decades, your homilies as a cleric as well as your contributions as a public intellectual have enriched the national discourse and highlighted the role of morality in the public space.
“Seminal articles you have authored demonstrate your abiding concern for the poor and vulnerable. It is this concern that has led you to take national assignments such as being a member of the Human Rights Violation Investigation Commission (Oputa Panel), Chief Mediator, Shell-Ogoni Peace Initiative and currently as the Secretary of National Peace Committee.
“This nation owes you more than a debt of gratitude. However, knowing the type of person you are, you will never ask for payment of that debt. You will simply continue to give more.
“I join millions of Nigerians, family and friends to celebrate this milestone that is your 70th birthday. I wish you well. May you continue to serve God and lead your flock to the best of your abilities. May you always be a voice of conscience and service in this land.”

Tinubu Media Office
Tunde Rahman
August 30, 2022

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