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Dosumu Fire Outbreak: Hon. Omolara Extends Support

Today, Hon. Princess Omolara Oyekan Olumegbon, empathetically stood with the Dosumu community, devastated by a morning inferno. Greeted by resilient market folk and local authorities, her presence symbolized solidarity in adversity.

Expressing sincere condolences, Hon. Princess Omolara Oyekan Olumegbon acknowledged the community’s plight. Amid economic turmoil, she stressed the essence of communal aid during crises and urged collaboration with local services to quench the flames.  

Expressing heartfelt sympathies for the losses incurred, Hon. Princess Omolara Oyekan Olumegbon acknowledged the challenges faced by the people, especially in such trying economic times. She emphasized the importance of community support in times of crisis and urged the market people to collaborate with the water service to ensure the fire is fully extinguished.

Inquisitive about the fire’s origins, she vowed a thorough inquiry, seeking closure for the afflicted. Assuring the community of support, Hon. Omolara’s presence offered solace amidst chaos, promising resilience in the face of adversity.

The Dosumu community’s spirit shines amidst adversity, bolstered by Hon. Omolara’s visit. With unity and determination, they stand firm, ready to rebuild from the ashes, embodying the resilience of Lagosians.  As the smoke dissipates, Dosumu’s plea for aid echoes. Hon. Omolara’s visit ignites hope, rallying support for those grappling with loss. In unity lies strength, and in solidarity, Dosumu shall rise anew.  

Beyond today’s visit, sustained efforts are imperative. Dosumu’srecovery hinges on collective action, bolstered by Hon. Omolara’s commitment and the unwavering support of Lagosians.

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