You are currently viewing Falana’s Generosity Shines: Massive Giveaway for Mushin Ward Excos

Falana’s Generosity Shines: Massive Giveaway for Mushin Ward Excos

In a heartwarming display of community support, Falana organized an interfacing event for all 260 executive committee members spanning the 10 wards in Mushin.

The event, held at the Mushin LGA APC Secretariat on Palm Avenue, showcased Falana’s commitment to uplifting his community.

Falana generously provided seasonal gifts to the ward excos, fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie within the community.

During the event, he took the opportunity to outline his dedicated efforts for Mushin.

From job placement support slated for 2023 to initiatives focused on rehabilitating primary schools and enhancing teaching and learning experiences, Falana’s vision for the community was articulated.

Additionally, his active participation and contributions to the success of the 2023 elections in Mushin were acknowledged.

A Legacy of Service

Highlighting a personal connection, Falana shared a compelling narrative – his father, Olajide Falana, had served as a Ward exco and later as the LGA Vice Chairman of the APC, accumulating 12 years of dedicated service to the party in Mushin. This familial history underscored Falana’s deep appreciation for the responsibilities shouldered by the ward excos.

The gathering of all Ward chairmen at the Mushin LGA APC Secretariat marked a significant moment of unity and collaboration. The excos, recognizing the value of such gatherings, requested that these events become a quarterly tradition, reinforcing the sense of community and shared purpose among them

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