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God’s Ways and Nigeria’s New Reality | Olatunji Oke

Bitterness always beclouds human judgment. Unfortunately, the access point to Eldorado isn’t anyone’s backyard. God never looks as a man looks — the ones you disdain and deride often become His instruments of purpose.

Who would have thought that Moses, a murderer, would become a deliverer?

That a vagabond and villainous Jephtah will make God’s people victorious?

Despised and forgotten David would have God’s full backing for throne ascendancy?

Treacherous Cyrus, who, according to history, incapacitated his grandfather, the ruling leader of the then known world, receiving a preternatural annunciation as God’s ‘anointed’? He gave liberty to captive Israel and made the first declaration of human rights.

Quit playing Omniscient, you live within the context of time, described by Myles Munroe, as simply, “an interruption within eternity”. Stop masquerading your bias as objectivity. They are views which, when subjected to the crucible of Logical ‘Golgotha’, are sure to fail the truth table test.

Instead of wishing Nigeria the worst occurrences because your candidate lost an election, adjust to the new reality.

Restrategize. Refocus. Reset. Reinvigorate. Hate is an outward projection of inner bitterness. Nothing great comes out of it. Let magnanimity in victory be met with equanimity in defeat.

May Nigeria succeed.

  • Olatunji Oke is Publisher, Lagos Indicator, Nigeria Indicator and Africa Indicator Magazines

(Mere Cogitations of a Thinker (C.O.A.T.) An AGBADO and CASSAVA farmer. Believer in Renewed Hope for Nigeria)

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