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Lagos Hosts 10th International Climate Change Summit

… Commissioner’s Speech Highlights Focus on Climate Finance and Local Adaptation

The 10th edition of the Lagos International Climate Change Summit commenced today at the Lagos Continental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, under the theme “Accelerating Climate Finance and Championing Local Adaptation Initiatives.”

The summit, which runs from June 11th to 13th, will be bringing together climate experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss strategies for mobilizing resources and implementing effective climate adaptation measures.

In his welcome address, Tokunbo Wahab, the Honourable Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, highlighted the significant progress made over the past decade. “From the inaugural summit to this momentous occasion, we have witnessed a transformative shift in global consciousness towards climate action,” Wahab said.

“Each summit has been a stepping stone, building upon the achievements of the last, propelled forward by the tireless efforts of countless climate heroes.”
Wahab emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change, referencing the global 6th Assessment Report (AR6) of the IPCC. “The IPCC report serves as a sobering reminder of the urgency of our situation and the need for immediate action,” he stated. “According to IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee, ‘Mainstreaming effective and equitable climate action will not only reduce losses and damages for nature and people, it will also provide wider benefits.’ This statement shows the urgent reality that climate change is not waiting for us – we are running out of time.”

The summit’s theme aims to explore ways of attracting climate finance into the adaptation space to create livable and resilient infrastructure. “We are determined to mobilize resources at an unprecedented scale to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy and support those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change,” Wahab added.

The Honourable Commissioner also stressed the importance of investing in local adaptation initiatives. “We must accelerate our efforts to mobilize climate finance and channel it towards projects that prioritize local adaptation initiatives,” he said. “This means investing in infrastructure that can withstand the impacts of climate change, empowering communities to develop climate-resilient livelihoods, and enhancing our capacity to respond to climate-related disasters.”

Wahab called for inclusive strategies that consider the voices of vulnerable communities. “We must champion the voices of those most affected by climate change – particularly vulnerable communities who often bear the brunt of its consequences,” he urged. “We must embrace their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives as valuable resources to shape effective adaptation strategies that are grounded in local realities.”

As the summit progresses, discussions will focus on practical steps to mobilize climate finance, the role of technology in climate adaptation, and the integration of sustainable practices in urban planning and development. The three-day event is expected to yield actionable insights and foster collaborations that will drive climate resilience in Lagos and beyond.

“Together, we can turn the tide against climate change and build a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for all,” Wahab concluded. “May our discussions be fruitful, our actions impactful, and our resolve unwavering.”

The summit is organized by the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, with participation from international climate experts, government officials, civil society organizations, and private sector representatives.

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