The newly appointed Director General of the Lagos State Sports Commission, Mr. Lekan Fatodu, has revealed the ambitious plan of the state government to reinvigorate school sports across the state with a vision to enhancing the overall sporting landscape and promote the development of young athletes.

Revealing this at the 17th Inter- House Sports Competition of Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls held at the University of Lagos Sports Complex, Yaba, the Director General explained that the Commission will be developing a robust and inclusive school sports ecosystem that will not only enhance the athletic capabilities of students but also elevate Lagos as a prominent hub for sports development.

Setting forth the vision for the future of sports in the state, Fatodu disclosed that actualising this vision will be anchored on the three-point agenda focused on “Innovation, Sustainability and Growth”.

According to him, the commission is dedicated to establishing an innovative platform that will not only revolutionize sports engagement but also ensure sustainable practices for the future, contributing significantly to the growth of sports in the state.

Speaking as the Chairman of the occasion, Fatodu highlighted the need for forward-thinking strategies and long-term planning to build a strong foundation for sports development, with a particular emphasis on fostering innovation, ensuring environmental sustainability, and driving overall growth within the sporting landscape of the state.

In affirming his dedication to the implementation of this visionary initiative and creating a legacy in the sporting landscape of Lagos State, Fatodu noted the plan is to build a robust sports culture that will support the nurturing of young talent in schools and promote activities that will positively impact the lives of the youth in Lagos State.

Emphasizing the critical importance of integrating sports into the educational system, the Director General pointed out that given the transformative power of sports in the lives of young people, the present administration is poised to discover and nurture the next generation of sporting stars that will play a pivotal role in realising the Lagos Rising ambition.

“By revitalizing school sports, we are not only fostering physical well-being but also creating a pool of talented athletes who can represent Lagos at national and international levels. This initiative aligns with our commitment to building a healthier and more vibrant community through sports.”

Acknowledging the unwavering support of Governor Sanwo-Olu in advancing the sports agenda, Fatodu disclosed that having taking cognisance of the positive impact of sports on character development, teamwork, and overall well-being, the Governor is creating opportunities and support structure for aspiring athletes within the school system.

While appraising the imperative of sports in the holistic development of education system, the Director General stated that the Sports Commission is set to breathe new life into school sports programs, adding that strategic initiatives will be focused on identifying and fostering sporting talents at an early age, providing a platform for young athletes to thrive and contribute to the rich sporting legacy of Lagos.

“The commission will implement a robust framework for school sports programs, encompassing a wide range of disciplines to cater to diverse interests and talents. While significant investment will be made in upgrading and developing sports facilities in schools, ensuring that students have access to top-notch infrastructure for training and competitions, specialized training programs and talent identification initiatives will be rolled out to scout for promising young athletes and provide them with the necessary support and coaching”, he said.

He revealed further that inter-school competitions will be remodelled to foster healthy competition and sportsmanship among students, creating a vibrant sports culture within the education system.

“It is no secret that talents abound in our schools, positioning Lagos as a sporting powerhouse with a rich history of nurturing talents that have gone on to become global sportsmen and women. As an institution of government, we are committed to implementing the right policies, programs, and initiatives to unearth these talents and provide them with the necessary support and opportunities for growth. Our goal is to not only recognize the potential within our schools but also to foster an environment that enables these budding athletes to flourish and contribute to the continued legacy of sporting excellence associated with Lagos”, Fatodu reiterated.

The Director General while expressing optimism about the future of school sports in Lagos, applauded the management of Vivian Fowler Memorial College for its instrumental role in advancing the sporting excellence of Lagos and instilling values that align with the broader ambitions of the state’s development.

He submitted that the array of sporting activities and events showcased at this year’s inter-house sports competition give credence to the diverse talent and athletic potential present among our youths as well as the dedication of the school to fostering a well-rounded and vibrant sporting culture within its community.

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