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The Lagos State Government has noted with deep concern the protests in some parts of the state this morning.
The protesters are said to be angry over the Naira redesign and its consequent scarcity that has caused so much hardship and confusion among our people.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu believes there is no need for violence as the Supreme Court is looking into this controversial matter and will make its position known on February 22.

Lagos State has since joined the legal dispute- all in the interest of our people – in the belief that the highest court in the land has the capacity to adjudicate on the matter.

The fuel situation is easing following some steps taken by the government.

The government praises Lagosians for showing understanding, despite the pains that the Federal Government’s measures have brought. Residents should continue to be law-abiding by shunning any form of incitement by mischief makers.

Mr. Governor is working with his colleagues to ensure that this hardship does not go on.

Gbenga Omotoso
HC, information and Strategy

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