Dear Mr President,


Congratulations on the validation of your electoral victory at the polls by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Mr President, with this validation comes a huge responsibility to meet the yearnings of Nigerians, especially given what is considered by not a few millions of Nigerians, the faulty starts, pronouncement reversals, policy misdirection and execution faux pas resulting in more hardship for citizens, which have characterised your administration thus far.

At the last review session of NIGERIA THIS WEEK with the theme ‘MEMO TO MR PRESIDENT”, panelists and online participants on Spirit of Nigeria Radio, unanimously agreed to send you a weekly summary of deliberations and conclusions of the weekly one-and-a-half hour discuss as a feedback conduit for a sitrep on what Nigerians think and feel about your stewardship as the nation’s Number One citizen.

Last week, the general conclusion was that a fundamental ingredient lacking in our current existence as a nation is DISCIPLINE – the practice to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.

The lack of DISCIPLINE in every sphere of life and strata of society, especially in Nigeria’s governance landscape, is a major impediment to growth and development. From leadership to followership, different shades of indiscipline colour our nation.

Mr President, given your call for Nigerians to embark on a sacrificial journey with no expiration date to the land of “Renewed Hope”, the discipline to journey on such a voyage must be championed by the nation’s leadership before it can percolate to the masses of our people. Certainly not a time to buy expensive official cars with an ailing nation’s resources.

Developed nations are nations where the rule of law prevails, where law and order determine the fate of both the poor and the rich. A new spirit of DISCIPLINE is what will deter senior government officials and law makers from operating with a culture of impunity and gross insensitivity to Nigerians’ deteriorating standard of living.

Mr President, DISCIPLINE is what enables leadership the capacity to distinguish between what is legally right but morally wrong in decision making. DISCIPLINE is what will reduce the high level corruption tearing apart the fabric of our nation.

DISCIPLINE is what will breed the passion and commitment amongst members of the executive, legislature and judiciary needed to transform the ailing sectors of our national existence at the different tiers of government.

Mr President, an overwhelming majority of Nigerians just want the few basic necessities of life such as security, food, water, shelter, jobs, roads, power, public transportation, medical facilities, all at affordable rates at different levels. Nigerians want to live, they don’t want to exist.

Mr President, you need to champion a renewed and credible “war against indiscipline” starting from the Number One citizen and his family, through other layers of governance and indeed followership, for Nigeria to return to the pathway of realising the full potentials of her greatness. A well thought-out national behavioural change strategic policy is imperative.

Nigerians want a disciplined nation, a nation of consequences not the Banana Republic in which we currently habit.

DISCIPLINE however comes comes with a heart of service to humanity.

Thank you Mr President

Please be assured of our highest regards to the highest office in the land

Yours patriotically,

The SNR Team.

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