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Tinubu actually made them, He never used them ~ Bosun Osifowora

Sometimes I read pieces like this and I just feel very sad. If u want to attack Tinunbu, come up with something more constructive. Not virtuperations that keep readers in doubt of your reasoning and logical comprehension of events. In one breathe you stated that he didn’t make Osinbajo a professor, neither did he make Fashola a Senior Advocate , that he only employed them to use them, in another breathe you claimed that their relationship was symbiotic.

Please stay in one place. Osinbajo was a professor of Law, before he joined Tinunbu, but it is sufficient to note that there are a thousand and one professors of law in the mold of Osinbajo, who are still carrying chalk up and down the University classes and environment. I guess if Fashola wasn’t called into Tinunbu’s cabinet, he probably would just be moving his law practice from Western House in Lagos island to a new building in Lekki and celebrating same with pump and pageantry, probably becoming one of the newly appointed senior advocates in 2021. I guess you know that with new brands brought in by LG, Samsung and other electronics outfits, Aregbesola may have packed up his R&A business because of the service centers created by these electronic giants for repairs and other services.

You won’t even take your smallest gadget to his shop at Alimosho. My brother, there is something called opportunity. Ever had of the yoruba word “pemisire”- being called into goodness and or greatness. Tinunbu gave these guys an opportunity of a life time, which if they were never called into, may not have amounted to anything more than the regular average guy in their areas of practice. Please do not play down opportunities. Opportunities define destinies and reshape destinations in life.

No disrespect to what these individuals made of their lives through same opportunities offered them by Tinunbu, but please I know what opportunities does to one’s practice. The same letter written by a lawyer can attract a fee of N10k or N10m, it is a function of opportunities and where you were called upon to serve. If u are not called into certain circles by certain people, you may remain a mediocre for life and your name may not be heard beyond your local enclave. Tinunbu never used them, he gave them opportunities of a life time, and this has moulded them into what they are now. Bosun Osifowora

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