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Tinubu: Between gratitude and sense of entitlement

By Temitope Ajayi

To underscore the importance of gratitude and one good turn, even Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour asked His disciples, to be sure, if He didn’t heal 10 people of their leprosy when only one returned to express his appreciation.

There is no way loyalty and gratitude can be redefined just to serve the conveniency of the moment. This is not about Tinubu. It is about honour and what separates decent human beings from animals.

Some of my friends have made half-hearted charge against Tinubu. They accused him of carrying entitlement mentality around like a badge of honour. And i asked few of them, the accusers, if they ever wish they work all their life to raise people up with their energy, time, money and intellect only for same people who benefited from their goodness to be plotting against them.

Do unto others as you want them to do unto you is a command from Jesus. It is important to state there is nothing essentially wrong with having a sense of entitlement when you are convinced you have earned it. The truth is, at different times in life, we all feel entitled to certain things.

You when complain of not being promoted at work it is because you feel entitled to a promotion. When you complain about your boss not approving a pay raise, annual leave, sick leave etc at work it is because you feel entitled to them.

Children even feel entitled to certain privileges from their parents ditto husband and wife. You complained about your friends’ behaviour when they fall short of your expectations? It is because you feel entitled to a better behaviour from those you call friends. We certainly can feel entitled for a good reason.

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