You are currently viewing Leading with Purpose: Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab’s Vision for a Cleaner Lagos by Babajide Fadoju

Leading with Purpose: Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab’s Vision for a Cleaner Lagos by Babajide Fadoju

Tokunbo Wahab, the Honourable Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources in Lagos, is a refreshing force in the state government. A lawyer by training and a visionary leader by nature, Mr. Wahab has demonstrably improved both the education sector and, more recently, the environment of Lagos.
His legal background brings a much-needed focus on due process and stakeholder engagement. Whether mediating educational reforms or tackling environmental challenges, Mr. Wahab fosters collaboration while ensuring swift and decisive action.
His accomplishments in education are undeniable. By spearheading policy changes and fostering a culture that values learning, he transformed the narrative around education in Lagos. This same dedication is now evident in his environmental efforts. From responsible resource management to promoting sustainable practices, Mr. Wahab is laying the groundwork for a cleaner, healthier Lagos.
Born on May 17, 1972, Mr Tokunbo Philip Wahab’s journey towards excellence commenced with his formative years in Lagos, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavours. A graduate of the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Mr. Wahab’s academic pedigree reflects his unwavering commitment to intellectual growth and achievement.

Appointed as the Honourable Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources in September 2023, Mr. Wahab assumed leadership of a critical portfolio charged with safeguarding Lagos’ natural heritage and ensuring sustainable water management practices. With a keen focus on policy innovation and stakeholder engagement, he has initiated a series of transformative measures aimed at revitalizing Lagos’ environment and conserving its precious resources.

Now, tasked with the stewardship of Lagos’ environmental resources, Wahab has risen to the challenge with characteristic resolve. His strategic initiatives have not only revitalized the city’s cleanliness but also paved the way for sustainable development. Under his leadership, Lagosians are witnessing a renaissance – a resurgence of pride in their city and its potential.

At the helm of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Wahab’s leadership style is characterized by vision, pragmatism, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether navigating media engagements with poise or mobilizing resources for swift action, he embodies the ethos of effective governance and servant leadership. Drawing upon his legal acumen and public policy expertise, Mr. Wahab navigates complex challenges with grace and determination.

Yet, as with any transformative figure, Wahab’s methods have not been without controversy. Some question the speed and scope of his actions, raising concerns about the balance between progress and prudence. However, it is precisely this boldness that has allowed him to effect meaningful change in a city ripe for innovation.
You can sit with the man, calm as a cucumber during media rounds, an efficient bulldozer while in the office handling paperwork deftly. Where you get Tokunbo Wahab the sheriff, is on site. When he is inspecting encroachments and other environmental issues, he is not without his technicians’ bit once the verdict is given, he loves for action to take place as fast as possible within the ambit of legality.

His consistent ability to dialogue with affected parties while studying up quickly has made him a formidable commissioner in a ministry that is now thrust into limelight by the decadence of our planet. While others in his shoes are playing catchup, he has tried and continues to do his best to put the ministry at the tip of the spear where proactiveness is the order of the day. Tokunbo Wahab is indeed the new sheriff in town and Lagos environment and Waterways will be the better for it.

Lagos is fortunate to have a leader like Tokunbo Wahab at the helm of its environmental efforts. His extensive experience, unwavering resolve, and collaborative approach position him perfectly to address the environmental challenges facing the state. With Mr. Wahab leading the charge, a brighter future for Lagos’ environment and waterways is within reach.

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