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Ehingbeti – Lagos Economic Summit convenes October 11th and 12th

… to address key issues in Africa’s foremost mega city

Over the past three decades, The Lagos Lagos economic summit (ehingbeti) has been incubating ground for most of the ideas that transformed Lagos into city of reverence in Africa.

Starting in the year 2000 from the collaboration between private sector an the state government, Ehingbeti has become a testament t the shared vision of accelerating economic growth and social development for a better anf greater Lagos from inception till date Ehingbeti summit jss come up with 222 resolutions and implemented 210!. That is more than 95% success rate. If you don’t know, the ‘ikoyi link Bridge ‘ was conceptualised at Ehingbeti. The BRT Project come out of Ehingbeti! So, it’s the Rail Project (Blue Line An Red Lines) Not to forget, the Imota Rice Mills that Wii begin production capacity of 2.8 million 50kg bags for rice annually, is also an idea that was formed Ehingbeti. The list goes on and one

In spite of these remarkable achievements, Ehingbeti is still going strong! At this year’s Ehingbeti – the Lagos Economic Summit, holding October 11th & 12th, (LSDP 2052) , Lagos state Development Plan for the next 30 years will be unveiled.

The plan Is methodically developed from the insightsz perspectives and contributions garnered from the several of state-wide round-the-clock enagement with Lagosians,

Beyond being our guide to actualising the aspiration of transforming Lagos into Africa’s Model Mega City, a global, economic and financial hub that is safe, secure, functional and productive, the unity of purpose revealed in course of consolidating the 30-year Development plan has proven that Lagosians for Lagosians, from Transportation, Health-care, Education to Arts, Tourism, Power Generation, everything that will make our lives better and easier is captured in the plan. For the next 30years, Lagos is on the steady socio-economic growth because the path is clear, and the ideas are implementable.

Lagosians, our state is set to become Africans Model City.
Let’s walk the path We created together committedly

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